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JoeClark  » 2017-11-15 04:25:45

Hsz.: 89


Observing IND I've been pretty perplexed at how often Brissett targeted Aiken. Especially when he seemed to drop catches in critical situations .. Chester Rogers seemed to catch everything thrown his way on Sunday vs PIT, so if he takes over the slot, I suspect he'll see a good amount of targets .. we're talking 5 for 50, 7 for 70 neighborhood weekly, so 10 to 14 as a floor ...

Makes him worthwhile to pick up for the short term ... the targets are there, and if he used similar to the way Brissett wanted to use Aiken, he could have some upside .. I say all this in view of those who just need some kind of bridge for a few weeks, not necessarily a long term play on ability


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